Via delle Cateratte 90, Int 13
57123 Livorno Italy
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MES s.r.l. is a leading supplier for engines and spare parts in the Marine Service field  
Our headquarter is located in Italy, Livorno
We are the Italian branch and the appointed agent for YIKANG MARINE SERVICES CO.,LTD (STX Engines, Doosang Engines, Samgong, HYE); Wakefield Corporation; Biga Group.
We supply original manufactured marine spare parts for main and auxiliary engines worldwide. We can supply genuine spares parts for HHM (Wartsila Sulzer series and Man B&W series); CSSC MES (Man B&W series and Wartsial Sulzer series); ZHENJIANG CME (Zjcme Man B&W sedries); ANQUING DIESEL (Dahiatsu);  DMD (Wartsila Sulzer series and Man B&W series) and YMD (Wartsila Sulzer series and Man B&W series)
Our aim is to become a trustable partner  for  ship-owners providing them premium quality marine spare parts, in a quick and efficient way.
After more than 30 years of experience in this field we can ensure full customer satisfaction.
Marine Engine
ISO 9001:2008
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